You Are a Masterpiece

and You Deserve to See Yourself that way!

 " Soul Portraits go a long way toward a healthy self-image.  

There's magic in seeing yourself in a work of art... 

it's something tangible that says to you every time you look at it,

'Yes! You are amazing. Yes, you are a beautiful part of creation! You are worthy of admiration. 

You ARE a Masterpiece!'  

It's like a full-color permission slip for self acceptance "

 -Linda Fabry

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"I Wish I Could Show You, when you are Lonely or in Darkness, the ASTONISHING Light of Your Own Being".



"There are no words... truly describe the beautiful Light of You, that Linda Fabry ALLOWS to Flow through her and into a Unique Masterpiece...ALL that Magic inside of You that you may question ... Is mirrored back to you...a MultiDimensional EXPRESSion of You!

My own Soul Portrait experience was a powerful admission and validation of the Light I came here to Shine...I Highly recommended connecting with Linda for this or any of her High Vibrational Offerings that speaks to You!!!"

-Stacie D. ,MultiDimensional Guide

About Linda

Linda Fabry is an Award-winning, Smithsonian-recognized, Visionary & Intuitive Artist, whose work has been included into thousands of private and public collections worldwide since 2001.

Linda has a BA in Art Therapy and has served as an Expressive Arts Facilitator in a variety of settings, such as prisons, hospitals, cancer centers and schools, helping others using creative expression as a way to heal trauma and stress and to further self awareness and personal development.


Revealing the Masterpiece Within

In addition to guiding others, for many years Linda had been using art to help herself heal and cope with the experience of chronic lyme, fibromyalgia, and a host of "unexplainable" illnesses, including major depression. 

She discovered that creating self portraits helped her see herself in a new way, to see past the illness by directly engaging with and expressing her higher self. 

Art & Soul

In 2015, Linda began offering Intuitive Portraits, combining her unique intuitive painting process developed over the past 20 years with the knowledge and analytical skills from her training in art therapy. 

Windows to the Soul

The most popular portraits, the Windows to Soul, focus specifically on the eyes. 

They dive deep to provide insights about a person's inner gifts and soul path.  

The experience includes several hours of distance energy balancing while  your painting is created, then a full 45-min session with Linda to discuss the interpretation of symbolic images and share specific messages that came through during the process. 

Due to the intensive nature of the process, availability is limited.



Unexpected Healing


 "Having this portrait done was the best thing I have ever done for myself... We all know how important self love is yet we always seem to think of ourselves last. I wish everyone could experience this gift. I had no idea what to expect and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t like the portrait because up until this moment, I hadn’t felt like anyone truly knew who I was. When I saw the portrait for the first time, I was moved to tears immediately ... ❤️ A flood of emotions rushed through me. It was l as if I had truly been seen for the first time in my whole life by a complete “stranger”. I was fully at peace and felt I felt an overwhelming acceptance of myself just as I was. It was breath taking to see my reflection mirrored back to me just as what I felt inside myself. The mask had been dropped to the ground and I was shinning for the world to see. There really were people that saw me just as I was. There was great healing in this portrait for me. I now have it framed and it serves as a reminder to me every day that I never need to pick that mask back up off the ground. Linda is an amazing intuitive artist!! Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! "

Beyond Amazing


" I have purchased two intuitive portraits from Linda. One of myself and one of my 16 year old daughter. Words can't really express how much I love these portraits. What I love the most is how it is more then just a painting of a person, it is a story and Linda uses her intuitive gift to painting meaning into each portrait. It is an outward portrait but also an portrait of your inner soul. I have never come across another person that does this. My daughter loves her portrait as do I. What I loved was Linda told me while she was painting my daughters portrait she was dancing and moving. She painted music notes around my daughter. Music and dance are so important to my daughter as she is a competitive dancer. Dancing is in her heart. Linda of course did not know this. Linda puts her heart and soul into her work. I happened to come by her page by chance, and I am grateful I have. I also purchased 3 window to the soul portraits and will have her paint for me again. Thank you Linda for sharing your amazing gift. "

My Awesome Soul Portrait


" My soul portrait is full of symbols it was a lot to take in. I never expected it to be so complex. It’s definitely me! The message that Linda channeled while doing my soul portrait is something I have gone back to and reread many times. It’s become a starting point to further my spiritual development. To my surprise I was given a mirror image (made from my original soul portrait) to work with. The day I received my portrait I purchased supplies I need to do my own work. I’m ready and excited to work with joy mirror image! Thank you Linda Fabry!"