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About Me


Hello & Welcome!

I really happy you're here! If this is the first time our paths have crossed, I'd love to hear from you. At the bottom of the page is a link if you'd like to say hi, or ask questions, or tell me all about what led you to this particular here and now.

If you're curious, here's how I got here...



 I can't recall a time in my childhood when I didn't know myself as an artist...and a bit of a scholar. I loathed school, but loved to learn and spent much of my time drawing pictures from National Geographic and reading our encyclopedia set.  I loved to write poems and stories on an old typewriter, build sand castles, take photos and I played several instruments. 

 I felt most at home out in nature with the trees and toads and fairies. And I've always believed in the existence of magical, wonderful things, knowable only beyond our common senses.  



After graduating from high school in Illinois, I enrolled in a nearby community college and well, I failed...Art..of all classes, and I quickly gave up.
I had already given up the idea of a career in the arts anyway, as most of my interests, such as architecture, graphic design and art therapy, required further education and I was convinced I was a poor student.
However, my rebellious and curious nature was still quite strong and I had developed a new identity- "entrepreneur". I had a few small businesses in my late teens then at 20 found a non-traditional sales job that allowed me to drive around the country. I eventually ended up in Arizona.  Phoenix, specifically, where my inner artist would be reborn.


my answered prayer

Around age 25, I started asking those big questions, like "why am I here?" and "what is my purpose?". The answer came in the form of a beautiful baby boy! In late 2001 I became a mom and along with the birth of my son, inspired by the desire to stay at home with him, came the birth of my career as an artist. 


Fabry Fine Art

From 2001 to 2006, I worked as an traditional artist, selling original paintings to collectors all around the world through eBay.  Being a self-taught, self-representing artist online before the boom of social media and youtube tutorials, the learning curve was steep, but well worth the climb!

I also had fun meeting collectors in person at galleries and other exhibitions. Throughout the years I won a few awards and my work was shown on PBS and recognized in the Smithsonian American catalogue. 

Read my "formal" Bio & Artist Statement

back to school

In 2006, the winds of fate guided me to Marian University in Wisconsin, where I was able to not only earn a BA in Art Therapy, but finally silence a few of the inner critics I had been carrying in my head.  This "problem child", who barely graduated high school, graduated college with honors, became a Rath scholar and was even nominated for student of the year! 

Along that journey, I reconnected with my personal spirituality, resolved some old conflicts with religion through the study of Theology, received training in Healing Touch and began to see myself and the world in entirely new ways.

I'm so grateful, and I could fill the whole internet with reasons why, but I'll just say I received so much more than a piece of paper-  those four years transformed me and placed me solidly on a brightly lit spiritual path.

You can read some of my academic writing here

Personal Healing

Around 2008, during my last year of college, I began experiencing symptoms of some illness, which would later be given names like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lyme, hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease. 

 Like many people who have experienced these (and there are so many), life became an rollercoaster, as the intensity of highs and lows increased, but looking back I can see that I was offered an opportunity to fully experience what I had been studying and had always  known to be true.

I experienced what Shaun McNiff describes so perfectly,  "Whenever illness is associated with loss of soul, the arts emerge spontaneously as remedies, soul medicine."

Poems & Artwork from the healing journey

discovering intuition

Not only is art healing, it's incredibly revealing!

One of the methods I found greatest success with in my healing was a practice of visual journaling, combining this with self portraits. Doing the hard work of really looking at myself, not critically, but for evidence of the light I knew must still be within, despite the darkness I was experiencing.

As the light grew within myself, I began seeing it more clearly in others.  This inspired me to begin offering "Soul Portraits", with the intention of providing a person with something tangible to remind them of their own light, and that they are a beautiful masterpiece of creation.

I didn't at first intend to offer my own insights and "read" the images for anyone, but it seemed natural to share my knowledge of symbolism or insights from my own process with the recipient. Eventually, as I was creating I would begin to receive audible phrases for experience a sort of "knowing" that I just had to share...and every time I do, I am astounded at the accuracy and relevance of the messages I'm compelled to pass on!

Recently, in order to serve more people, I've added real-time intuitive painting sessions in person, as well as through zoom. These 45-min sessions offer a insights, as well as a unique work of art, created while you watch!

Check out some of the images that have been created...

Intuitive Painting Gallery

The Artsy Apothecary

I believe everyone is an artist, intuitive and equally capable of connecting with their inner guidance through art, so a few years ago I created The Artsy Apothecary as a resource for personal development and healing with art.

Here on my personal site, you can view my creative expressions in a variety of forms; paintings, sculptures, poetry, oracle cards, as well as psychic readings, and soul portraits.  When you visit The Artsy Apothecary, you will find resources to inspire your own creative journey, including The Courageous Creators program, which includes monthly guided visualizations, art activities and supportive group interaction.

Become a Courageous Creator

Here & Now

Every day is a new adventure! Here in Wisconsin it's trying its best to show signs of spring.  I'm in the process of opening a physical space for The Artsy Apothecary to hold classes and retreats locally to teach others to access their psychic abilities through art.

I'm also doing my best to remember to take time to keep my light shining by creating art "just for me" ...and if you can relate- let this be a loving reminder to you too ;) 

Let's stay in touch! I hang out a lot in my facebook group- stop in an say hi! and if you're near Fond du Lac, send me a message- I'd love to meet you!

Wishing you lots of love & joyful inspiration along your journey,


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